Hamilton, Ontario - Saturdayy, Juyly 5, 2003 by: Mark Alan Whittle
  My lovely son Logan-Alan has cerebral palsy due to no fault of his own. When he survived birth, after being dead for 20 minutes, I promised him I would do everything I could to see he gets a fair shake and enjoys life to the fullest. Whenever possible I take him places to see things that many children, and parents, may never get to see or experience. The whole worlds a stage and I want Logan-Alan to experience all it has to offer.
  When he was about four years old, the owner of Marineland, John Holer, made arrangements for my son to make a special visit with a killer whale before a very large crowd that was waiting was let in to the killer whale area of his theme park.
  My wife Laurie hoisted Logan-Alan over the side of the protective wall so that Logan-Alan could experience the sleek feel of the Whales dorsal fin and the slippery cool feel of his skin.
  What happened next sent shivers up and down my spine and thousands of spectators, who where waiting in anticipation, experienced something they will never forget.
  As Logan-Alan was laying on the Whales back, they began to sing together in tones that echoed throughout the park. Even the trainer was mesmerized and in awe at the harmony my son and the whale created together.
  I believe in my heart they where communicating directly and the look on my sons face was angelic. You could hear a pin drop, it was that stunning.
  Although it was not recorded on tape, I managed to get some photographs while they where singing up a storm. To this day, whenever I hear whale music or see an advertisement for Marineland, tears of joy well up, as I remember what I consider a miracle of God and a message we all need to have faith when things seem bleak.
  I know now my son is a special child, a living Angel that God has given my lovely wife Laurie and I to protect and love unconditionally. Till the day I die, I will keep my promise to my son and I believe in a higher power with all my heart and soul. I pray every night for all the special children God has given us and I strive long and heard in my daily life to see that they all live their lives to the fullest like Logan-Alan. Even now I can hear them singing for love and the power of faith.


Mark Alan Whittle

  Editor's note: The sounds heard with this page are from an audio clip of Killer Whale singing.


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