Hamilton, Ontario - Saturday, September 20, 2003 by: Mark Alan Whittle
  We can all hope and pray for a new start as the Conservative Party of Canada. Out with all the old names and past baggage in with the new, built upon the strengths of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance it will replace across this great nation. Everyone has to rejoin as a new member by trading in all their old membership cards to the riding associations and swearing allegiance to the Conservative Party of Canada. Anyone would be free to join and run for the leadership, including the incumbents. I believe that these conservative minded members of parliament are men and women of honour who have the resolve to make the personal sacrifices to see that democracy is served to the benefit of Canada by presenting a cohesive conservative branding alternative to the Liberals that they can believe in.
  I know there are many who have strong ties and commitment to the great ideals we all cherish as conservative minded Canadians, but there are many more Canadians, young and old, who look upon our political community and wonder why it is so fractious? Why conservatives in Alberta or the Atlantic provinces are so different than the hundreds of thousands of Ontarians that have supported a conservative government with two majorities, and is on the verge of a third?
  When I look at the conservative politicians in the house I do not see the detrimental division their individual branding evokes in the press and newspapers. I fail to understand why our leaders and parliamentarians cannot see themselves as one conservative branding in contrast to a corrupt Liberal regime. As in life, sometimes these decisions must be based on blind faith and leadership. I believe that there will be strong support for a conservative brand with a clean slate. This can only happen with the consensus of each and every conservative minded politician in the house. They need to support this branding to a man, or woman, if they want the support of like-minded Canadians. I have faith that each member will be able to transcend the petty differences that have hindered the growth of conservatism and created friction amongst the provinces that still holds forth today.
  Will they be able to take a collective deep breath and step away from past grievances and pick up the new mantle with rigour and resolve. There is no mistaking the allure of an invigourating renewal of conservatism in Canada to awaken a tuned-out electorate who have grown cynical and been turned off by the constant fiscal waste of the Liberals and the inability of our conservative minded politicians to get their house in order to effectively moderate the Liberals.
  I have faith that Steven Harper and Peter MacKay have the leadership and resolve make it so.


Mark Alan Whittle



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