FTLComm - Tisdale - June 20, 1999
Some time earlier this week some people decided to decorate for this year's graduation. In 1996 there had been some painting on the TUCs building and some a few years earlier but the classes and fellow celebrants of 97 and 98 will be distinguished as being clean folks.

This year was extraordinary as the "GRAD 99" paint job was applied far more liberally then is likely to be well received by the community and some businesses which seemed to have been singled out for special treatment. On the right you can see that Venice House now has a "GRAD 99" on its roof.
The Laundromat (below left) and GT Mechanical both received some rude treatment. Both of these are operational businesses and this sort of thing is simply dirty vandalism. Efforts were made to paint over the mess on GT Mechanical but there was a problem getting a paint match with the siding.
For the Laundromat this will require some time and elbow grease to clean up the glass and there will be no permanent damage. Sadly many of the others will be eye sores for many years to come. Helping all who see them to remember the less then tidy class of 99.

The small vacant building beside the theatre was also a victim as was the garages on the site of what will become Tisdale's new senior citizens centre, across the street from Wicks.
The harmless good fun of graduation could easily be stained by this exuberance and it is truly unfortunate for indeed, it is not known as to who made this mess around town and it may not even have been members of this year's enthusiastic graduating class.
Preparations continue with several special vehicles being suited up as grad cars and for the first time this year there is a grad truck with decorations and a special class of its own. This aging oldsmobile pictured at right is one of those vehicles that may be used as part of the grad celebrations as it appears to be under construction. Its picture here does not in anyway suggest that its owners are some how related to the vandalism.