Preston's Dilemma

Weekes, August 13, 1999 By: Phillip Lindenbach


As Preston looks out over the plain
It may be with a feeling of sadness and pain.
For his quest to Unite, the fractious Right
Is going nowhere, is showing no gain

Phillip Lindenbach is a retired farmer from Weekes who has had articles published in every major and most minor publications in the province.

Letters to the editor in both the Leader Post and Star Pheonix have been common place as has been his contributions to the Western Producer and many rural weeklies.

Now in his eighties he is learning to use a typewriter as he constantly expands his experience and interests. Phillip was a hog producer and master farmer but has always had a keen and insightful interest in politics.

Ensign is proud to have a piece from Phillip and we look forward to publishing more of his commentary in the future.

Indeed, from within there is heard No, No!
Any change to Reform is strictly No Go!
For we on the Right, are determined to fight
Any move to weaken our Ultra Right Show.


Alas, Poor Preston, now what to do?
As for Chretien's success, he has not a clue.
All those Interests so varied, in one basket carried
All following the Leader, Two by Two.


And white is good for some one to aspire
Such as Chretien, from Office to retire
We can see, that a switch to Reform would be
Like a jump from the Pan, right in the Fire.


While change is needed, it must have purpose and aim
With potential with which Corporate Power to tame.
Whose every deed, is tainted with greed
And with the power of money becomes the name of the game!


So whether it be Liberal, Reform or Tory
In the end, we will all be sorry
Tweedle Dum, or Tweedle Dee, the result will surely be
More of the same, the same old Story!


While these virtuous Soul's in a generous mood
Stand ready to run for the Common Good.
"Just vote for me, I will so grateful be"
But don't expect, them to neglect, their friends, the Corporate Brood.


So the "Saskatchewan Way," now that times are hard
Should be reviewed with all due regard
that with out fuss or flair, they set the stage for Medicare
And, along with its own reward , scores us points on the UN card!