Ready Four Halloween?

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, August 25, 2001
Have you got your Halloween costume lined up yet, a tiger suit, perhaps a lady bug outfit, and "don't miss out on getting those terrific treats, on sale on aisle five".

Last weekend we were browsing in a clothing store for a variety of items. With summer getting a little long in the tooth but still lots of hot weather, the hottest so far this summer, my old short pants are sort of looking like they could use replacement. To late! Summer clothing was on sale at the end of May now its your last chance to get a bargain on fall and winter clothes because in weeks it will time to put out the spring stuff.

For a life time I have railed about premature Christmas shopping and out of season Christmas lights. Am I the only person who is living in the here and now? Is the whole marketing retail world suffering from permanent temporal distortion. Those about me who have suffer through my continuous complaints about off-season everything try to explain to me that this is the way things are, that we don't buy summer clothes in the summer, we don't go Christmas shopping at Christmas and we don't do anything when it is timely.

People hearing my complaints view me as some radical, some Bolshevik or worse, its un-American, Anti Canadian, heresy to question the absurdity of commercial marketing! To that I have but one simple phrase relating to male cattle manure.

It is in this moment I live and breath, it is now that I exist, it is pure hypotheticalism that Halloween, now more than two full months away will ever come and when it does I shall endure or enjoy it as it manifests itself, but not now. Did you hear me? NOt NOW!!!

Timothy W. Shire