Cumberland Community College

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, May 2002

Saskatchewan's Community College programme seemed like a good idea at the time. The province was divided up into area and boards set up to administer adult education programming in their area. The problem was not the concept, it was the demand.

Saskatchewan people have long realised that education in whatever form is essential to have, to find work, but even more importantly, to have a reasonable and satisfying life.

Each of Saskatchewan's community colleges have

made an effort, but the demand has and will always outstrip the ability to deliver.

Cumberland Community College serves Tisdale and is doing its best to provide the community with a wide range of adult education programmes.

The most important part of the college is its remarkable environment. Situated in the RECplex in the same corridor as the high school, the library and all the services that are part of the building, this is without a doubt, an absolutely ideal educational setting.

The staff of instructors, both academic and technical, provide their students with everything from high school upgrading to and including, second year University courses. The television (above) is in the classroom designed to provide students with remote classes delivered from Saskatoon and Regina via satillite to this classroom.

The computer lab is seen at the top of the page, provides a host of courses providing individuals with the technical background to cope with today's computer based economic development.

Three classrooms, a set of offices, a board room and reception area make for a really efficient and compact campus and exemplifies the diversity of the programming provided.