IMAGE valparaiso01.jpg

FTLComm - Valparaiso - May 30, 1999

The two large elevators that would have filled this image a week and a half ago are all but gone as like so many others
they have been dismantled. I was surprised to see them gone because it just seemed sensible to me, that Cargill would
retain this facility to be more competitive in the Tisdale marketplace.

Cargill is in the process of doubling its capacity at the Armley terminal but that is still more then half an hour from this
site and this is only minutes from the three other large terminals owned by UGG, Louis Dreyfus and Saskatchewan
Wheat Pool. The Pioneer facility is another fifteen minutes East. But as we can see in this picture, Cargill has elected
to rely upon its Armley facility.

Valparaiso is now really just a group of houses situated close together along side a railroad track as the elevators were
the last remaining businesses operating in what once was a village.