Beeland Co-op Cleans Up
Soil Pollution

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 29, 2001

Tisdale's Beeland Co-op is one of the first companies to take the responsible move to clean up a contaminated soil site. Work began Monday as Triple S Construction began a major excavation at the site of Co-op's old bulk plant. Product had been shipped into Tisdale via CN and then piped over to the storage tanks.

Konlin Stolz, field engineer with Pinter & Associates of Saskatoon explained that he thought it would take most of
the week for the process to be completed. The digging began right in the middle of the street and will continue as they dig up the contaminated soil and haul it away to the land fill.
Mr. Stolz explained that they test the soil as it is dug up to determine the extent of the pollution then remove the contaminated soil. Below he demonstrates the soil testing method and these samples moved the needle off the scale, but he explained that it takes very little hydrocarbon residue in a sample to be detected as they are looking at parts per million.
Tisdale has a number of these contaminated sites as we have noted before in Ensign. It looks like the owners of these sites will have no choice but to follow the lead set by the Co-op and excavate the various contaminated locations, many of these projects are expected to take place this summer.