Just A Bit More

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, August 27, 2001
Test holes on the East side of the property that had already been dug, filled and packed, across the street from the town office revealled that there was about seventy feet more material that was going to have to come out and be disposed of before this site was properly cleaned up.

Construction is planned for this site next summer but it is contingent on the land being safe to build on. Several rumors have been making the rounds about what will ultimately be put on this ideal location but let's just wait and see that way we will avoid speculation and the pitfalls that go with conjecture.

The material being removed this morning from the site is less pungent in odour than other material but this may relate to it being quite different in composition. An engineer was on hand when digging began this morning ready to test and keep on testing as the work progressed. It is expected that the digging will involve about seventy feet East of the earlier excavation and about half the length of the lot North and South. Test show that they North East corner of the site is free of contamination.

This makes the project a bit bigger than the town had expected but as was shown with the Co-op project this seems to be the pattern when cleaning up petroeleum spills since there was never really any way of knowing just how much was lost into the soil. With these two sites all but cleaned up Tisdale has made real progress this summer in dealing with polution and there is hope that the three other major contaminated sites will be given some attention in the years to come.