Deep and Smelly

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, August 2, 2001
These pictures were taken Tuesday late afternoon have the crew had knocked off for the day and they spent all of Wednesday haulling more of the material away. The smell from the removed soil was noticable in town Monday evening as the South wind wafted the aroma from the landfill sight into town.

Clearly removing this material is for the betterment of the town and it seems all the more important that fuel sellers look toward the outstanding products made by Northern Steel Industries which are designed to prevent this kind of contamination from occuring. Northern Steel have won one award for the environmentally friendly tanks and the designers and workers for that company should be even more proud of their efforts when they smell the leaked fuel that has contaminated this site.

The Engineer continues to monitor the progress of this project and as of Thursday morning this hole just keeps getting bigger, and well it should. Gold stars for the Town of Tisdale for cleaning this site up.