Mid July Heat Wave

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, July 13, 2002

There is no doubt now that 2002 is going to go down as one of those year where the extremes became the norm. We had the warmest winter on record, the coldest and longest spring ever, the least rain since anyone started keeping records and now it appears that we are well on our way to having the hottest summer.

It is three in the afternoon and the temperature is 34ºC and in an person's reality

that adds up to just plain hot.

The street at the top of the page looks pretty good considering that Tisdale has had about an inch of rain since the snow left us (average would be 10 inches).

Though miserable to work in this weather is perfect for installing asphalt shingles as they are pliable and will easily bound with each other as they are installed.

The heat has not deterred people from making the best of it with flowers looking pretty good in most parts of town. This doorstep is really nice but lawns everywhere are suffering, certainly many people of offered them a little water but in most cases we have far more yellow than green in town. I noticed cenotaph park yesterday was looking pretty tough with the exception of its flower beds which are a little late but are showy.

Just around 0500 this morning we got a light shower which left puddles around town this morning but there is no evidence now of that occurrence There are some build ups of tower cumulus developing to the North East so there is a possibility of a noisy shower late this afternoon or tonight. Last night there was a lot of horizontal lightning to the North.

But most Tisdale folks are beating the heat, the shopping mall parking lot is half full, some people are making their way to the Silvertown Speedway for the invitational races this weekend and these two intelligent beings have found some shade in which to relax.