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FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, June 2, 2006 Images by: Mike Tatarynovich

Its more than a month since Serhi Reshetmyak, Andrey Shevehenko and Valentyn Boiayn came to work here in Tisdale. They are among the latest of the thirty-six men from the Ukraine who have taken the chance to start new roots here in Canada.

Mike was with the group when they looked over some farm machinery coming up in a future auction sale then went out to a greenhouse. Valentyn Boiayn was pretty impressed with the John Deere utility tractor.


Andriy Shevchenko (wine sweat shirt in this picture) is suffering like many of his fellow countrymen from the separation from his family. Andriy is married and like so many of the fellows who have come to work here in Tisdale is married and he is trying to arrange for his wife to come and join him here. (Andriy on the left side of the picture is seen with Gennadiy Lykhobaba.)

The problem is of course Canada's anti-immigration authorities who seem determined to keep people from coming to the country. Mike Tatarynovich explained to me that to the immigration authorities a year, two years means nothing they are bureaucrats and like almost everyone else in Ottawa terrified of the Americans. Canada needs something like a quarter million new people every year and we are lucky to get one ten of those because of the immigration regulations and amazing red tape.

Of the thirty-six men who have come to work here in Tisdale only three have been able to get their wives to be able to join them and these families will like all of us immigrants in the past make a valuable contribution to this country. One of the women is working at the Tisdale Credit Union. Of the thirty-six twenty-six are still working here in Tisdale while ten have made their way west to the oil patch.

Mike took the picture below of Andriy, Valentyn and Serhi Rasetmyak in a boat. They asked Mike to try and just catch the horizon in the image so it would look like they were out fishing. I added a little enhancement to the image so they look like they are fishing and no doubt they will get a chance this summer to go boating.

On a personal note my niece has a boyfriend from Kiev and together they dance with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. this week he got his citizenship papers and last night proposed to my niece.



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