Tisdale Mall - Working Through Hard Times

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 27, 2001
Tisdale's mall has faced the challenge of the economic hard times that have come with the agricultural crisis that seems now a permanent part of Prairie life. Some stores have expanded, others have disappeared and new ones have come along but in time the mall remains a solid community marketplace.

Without a doubt the main two anchors of this mall are drawing customers to Tisdale. Zeller's in its new Zeller's Select format is a good retail shopping centre and continues to show growth in sales. At the opposite end of the Mall Extra Foods holds up its end as a food and produce marketplace comparable to anything a customer could expect in an urban store.

Both the men's wear and ladies wear stores provide the customer with excellent quality and reasonable pricing so that when you add in the sporting goods store, the jewelers, hairdresser, restaurant, sports bar and travel agent, Tisdale Mall has the bases covered and covered well.

Below is a QuickTime Virtual reality panorama taken of the mall from its middle at about 10:30 Saturday morning. If you do not see a picture or the picture is a long vertical strip you need to click here and download QuickTime, it is free and expands your computer's capability.