Our Town

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, August 1, 2001

The arrival in Tisdale of Glen Down's Lake Buccaneer had lead me to come out to the airport to photograph this unusual amphibian aircraft but when his son offered to take me of a "circuit" I simply could not say "no".

With his hand on the overhead throttle we were taxiing out to make a orbit around Tisdale.

The slate gray overcast sky was actually excellent light for getting the pictures the only problem was the photographer was a little excited about being in the air once again, it might be described as "a high".

Once off the runway we get a view below of the countryside to the South of Tisdale. Though the intent was to capture pictures of the town itself the facts of the

matter are that Tisdale is where it is, in the midst of a vast flat countryside that dominates the texture of life in and around this community.

The picture below shows clearly the powerful impact on the landscape of the rather insignificant Doghide that wiggles its way up from the South passes the town on the East side and meanders its way towards the North. All along its path we see the direct results of the water that passes along this route and how that makes such a difference on the vegetation

The picture below shows the town as we look North from behind Louis Dreyfus with the Alfalfa Dehydration plant puffing away on the extreme left
The image below show the town as we look West along highway #3 with the new RM building rising below us, the Kinsmen park in the foreground and the Riverside golf course lower right. The picture is dominated by the RecPlex and the central business district of the town.
Below we are looking across the community from the North East with North Steel industries at the lower right corner and the Tisdale airport at the South West edge of town.
This is low flat picture of Tisdale looking from the South as highway #35 drives into the town from the South.
But is the flat rich agriculture land that is the focus of Tisdale, its the reason it exists and the pride and root of all that is Tisdale.
This image below shows us lined up on short final for Tisdale Airport. Our thanks to the Down family for these pictures and the great experience.

Timothy W. Shire