by: Timothy Shire II

Mothers Day 2003

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, May 11, 2003
Today is mothers day and sons and daughters are sending their moms greetings and taking them out to brunch and supper. My three sons called their mom and like sons everywhere were thankful for the good fortune they had in having a mother like theirs. These pictures are of my mom nineteen years ago taken at her and my dad's fortieth wedding anniversary.

Growing up in the dirty thirties and just married during the late part of World War II my mother was a very modern person. She shared in the partnership with her spouse and gave each of her three children a special gift each that would help them through life.

It seems that Mothers Day is a good time to give some very serious thought as to what it means to be a mother in the era, certainly times have changed from the era of my mother's mother but my mother had already seen the shift in culture from one income to two income families. All of her three children completed at least one degree in University while no one in her family had even completed high school. She realised that education was the key to a full and fullfilling life and made sure that each of her children had not only the opportunity to go to college but wanted to do so.

The turmoil throughout our country over the institution of marriage seems to be an issue that will not go away and there is a surprising lack of wisedom around to deal with the various points of view. I felt just as annoyed that so many were jumping on Elsie Wayne for her comments on Thursday that same sex couples should just shut up about it, as those condemning her were of her. I apply the rule so many of us carry around with us, "What would my mom have said about this issue of same sex marriage?" I suspect that were my mother alive she would most assertively say that the issue needs to be considered and discussed and Elsie Wayne has every right to voice her opinion. She would stick to the pattern she had throughout her life and she would say what she felt and defend everyone, especially women, declaring that they have the right to express their opinion and that is more important than a squabble over terminology.

Freedom of speech, and the right to an opinion are not something that we should take lightly and no matter what the issue, my mother never once kept her opinions a secret.

Women and men in the society in which we live, must accept responsibilities for themselves and play an equal role in the development of families and the course their lives take. When I was growing up I never had to wonder about what women could and could not do. My mother was a great athlete, a wicked shot with a rifle, had every skill that any person needed and could show me how to bake a cake or help me fix my bicycle with equal ease. Be it support for me at a music festival, or there at the hockey rink with my brother, gender was never an issue.

This mothers day it not only a time we should think about the contribution our mothers have made to Canadian society, but we should also be thinking about the young women among us who will in due course, assume the role of mother, and all that this vital role means. We need mothers who have an education, mothers who have skills, mothers who will nurture the prized skill of thinking things through, developing in their children the ability to have their own opinions and being able to understand the opinions of others, mothers who will demand equality in every part of their lives and equally demand the same for their children. Being a good mother is more than not drinking during pregnancy and changing diapers, as every mother is the person who will replace herself, with people who can act independently for themselves and respect others and their right to freedom and self actualisation.

Timothy W. Shire



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