4.5 cups of water   1/2 cup of lard  
  1.5 cups of milk   8 - 10 cups of flour  
  (1/3) 1/2 cup of sugar   2 tbsp. instant yeast with a cup of water  
  2 tablespoons of salt   (if using dry yeast combine 1 cup of  
      water and 2 tablespoons of dry yeast  
      with 2 teaspoons of sugar)  
  This recipe produces six loaves of bread. If it's your first shot at bread making you might want to half the ingredients and make a three loaf batch.  
  The make ingredient in this process is to mix the dough thoroughly and then be patient allow it to rise then kneed it (punch it down) and allow it to rise twice more. This will create a finer texture (smaller bubbles) in your bread.