Tisdale Senior Fitness

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, May 17, 2002
No matter what a person's age the better muscle, heart and lung function the better able the individual is able to cope with everything they encounter in life.

From these pictures it is absolutely clear that this group of women have decided to do more that nod their heads and agree that fitness is important, they are doing something about it.

Thursday beginning at ten the Tisdale Seniors
On the Move group held an all day jamboree at the Golden Age Centre.

The group normally meets twice a week with the leadership of Sharon Teal.

Sharon organised the Thursday Jamboree and as you can see from the poster it was a full day of activity and as you can see there was a large number of people in attendance.

The benefits of better food, better medical care and improved municipal sanitation has had a profound affect on the length of the average lifetime of people and it seems completely appropriate for people not to want to squander the time they have and the evidence is overwhelming that the quality of a person's life is so dependent upon their level of physical and mental fitness.

One of the basic principles of fitness is that old "use it or lose it" cliché The process
of aging is relentless but exercise can dramatically slow the wasting process associated with muscle and bone loss.

But there are so many other added benefits to working on your level of physical fitness. One of the most obvious things can be seen in these pictures as we see these people enjoying the activity and the social interaction that accompany the experience.

We have so often
dissociated the concept of mind and body and that is a serious mistake. In children body growth and intellectual development go hand in hand and it is also the case with all other ages. Alertness, the ability to concentrate and think beyond the here and now are directly related to the physical condition of your body.

The folks at the Tisdale Senior Fitness group are setting a great example for us all.