Bob's Boat - Waiting For Spring

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 25, 2001
Like a pair of cross country skies in summer, this boat has to just bide its time until the course of the sun moves onward to change the climate and with it will come a complete overhaul of our way of life, once again another year. Barbecues and mosquitoes, the aroma of fish sputtering over an open fire, song birds and the stink of gas lawn mowers and freshly cut grass, all, are distant memories.

No matter how often we go through the annual cycle of the days growing longer and the darkness dwindling to just some short period of dull light, it is still a surprise to us a matter of adjusting, adapting, and getting used to things been radically different.

This morning as I stood looking at Bob's boat both it and I seemed to be shuddering just a bit from the -23ºC and the gentle but persistent North wind that required my hood be pulled up over my balding head as I headed North and it was a quick switch from a gloved hand to a chilling bare one to snap the picture then back into the glove again. In a very short while the parka will be slid back into the depth of the closet, the gloves put away for another year and soon we will be looking for where we put the short pants.

Many people claim that this change in climate, way of life and almost everything that goes with it is what makes living in the Northern temperate zone interesting and adds considerably to our lives. Those who move to warmer climates complain about the sameness, the monotony of seasonless existence This morning with the cold nipping at my fingers and nose it seems a little hard to understand. ( to see what it was like today a year ago click here)