The Afro-Americans

FTLComm - Tisdale - March 22, 2001
  The people seeking a fresh start after the bloodbath that is known as the American Civil war would not have thought of themselves as Afro-Americans, they were coloured people, negroes, niggers or perhaps even blacks. Slavery has punished all mankind by allowing some people to be turned into chattel to be bought, sold, and bred. The British had cheerfully participated in the trade but came to their senses in the mid nineteenth century and banned the practice.
  Around the seaport of Halifax there developed a settlement of former slaves and just before the civil war the underground railroad saw significant numbers filter into Southern Ontario. But, we do not normally think of Afro-Americans making their way into the wilds of the Northwest.
  Yet there they are a settlement of Afro-American former slaves settle in the really difficult countryside North of North Battleford. Details on that settlement and their story will be added to this page when time permits.