Country Roads
(part I)

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, May 12, 2003

Sunday morning I wondered off into the countryside near Tisdale and today and tomorrow I will share with you what I saw and photographed. The images will give you the view and I will try to recount some of the feelings that go with what I saw at the time.

This image (right) was taken just East of Tisdale and shows afield freshly planted while the field further down is just West of Tisdale looking West and shows the same pregnant condition.

My journey was simple. I drove two miles west and twelve miles south on a country road all of these scenes we along that road.

Soil tech's fertiliser and chemical application unit was about five miles south as the operator was making some adjustments on the right side of the machine. Further out on the field a planting operation was in progress.

This sad sight at the top of the page and above shows a farm house destroyed by fire and damage to the yard from that same event. I have no details to go with this destructive sight.

Sad, though not as serious is this field in the same area which has not, and most likely will not ever be harvested. Most fields that were to be recovered have already been looked after.

The farm yard above is actually two images combined to show the yard with its extensive grain storage and comfortable setting beside a small stream.

On the right is a bison pasture. Wooded pastures everywhere tend to begin to look like this as the browsing animals and the trees do not seem compatible.

Though the scene above is less than neat it certainly is interesting and I liked the way the fresh grass was coming along and amazed at the bison who had a stack of feed provided to them by the farmer but much preferred the new grass. By the way bison do not seem to share the same curiousity of humans that horse and cows do and when I ambled up to the fence to get a better image they hopped away. Yes, I said hopped. I think the term canter might cover it but it is what little school girls do and we call it skipping but with a big bison it is a five hundred pound Peppy L'pew move, bouncing away by jumping upward, very funny.

Across the road from the pasture of bison is this abandoned farm. One of so many I passed on this very short journey. The scene was something I felt I should share with you so below is the old farm yard as scene from the road in a virtual reality, QuickTime image. (If you do not have QuickTime
downloaded into your machine you will be unable to look around)


Timothy W. Shire



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