Drive With A View

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 9, 2001

This fine driveway is located along the CN track East of the Downtown area. The owner already has an extensively landscaped yard but has decided to add a little something to the driveway.

The picture on the right is taken from the same location as the one above only looking West along the track.

The folks at Mr. Tree were able to come up with a collection of bolders to lay along the area and installation is about half done. The shrubs have been installed and a water line run to each tree with a drip hole to allow for watering each plant individually.

The arrow in this picture points toward the line that is brought just to the surface at the base of each of the scrubs.

The second line snakes through the area and above it will go the flower beds. Sprinkler and watering devices will irrigate the flower beds from one end to the other.

This is truly a grand project and with its complexity it is a good thing the owner put the work in the hands of a professional to insure both
proper installation but
also the keen eye to detail
that a project like this requires.

Mr. Tree has undertaken a major clean up their own property out at the farm this spring, cutting back the hedges to reveal the Scotch pine in their North wind break and they have made some headway in clearing up some of the nuisance poplar South of the yard. But if you need trees, or shrubs of almost any size, Mr. Tree and their tree spade can get you what you need.