The Lane

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, August 13, 2001

In the distant past 100th Street was Tisdale's main street run straight and true from the CP rail line on the South edge of town and out into the country on the North side. Through the years a jog was made a block East of the original main street then another on the North endbut if you look carefully the original straight line run top to bottom is still there. 100A Street ends and beyond it North is this lane stretching a full mile North. The shelter belt that once lined the roadway has grown in and now there is this remarkable tree lined trail that has

everything from carraganas to old poplars growing in the ditch on each side of the trail.

In winter this trail is a great place for skidoos and ATVs and in summer the best place to take a walk.

Along its length there are berries, saskatoons, wild raspberries, pin cherries and chokecherries (seen here).

Because of the deep shadows the raspberries are small but delicious, the saskatoons have mostly had their season but the choke cherries are brilliant and both tart and sweet, at least they will bring and delightful pucker to your face, which perhaps explains the reason for the expression on a Waxwing.

These pictures are shown in sequence from about 7:30 Sunday night until 8:00 as we see the bramble of twisted trees living out their lives in the roadside ditch beside a wheat field, holding back a non-existant wind in the silence of a summer evening.