That winter look
FTLComm - Lac LaRonge - Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sunday afternoon while my wife was skiing at Nut Point, the regional park on the north side of La Ronge I strolled around enjoying the remarkable -1º temperature and the ocean of sunshine.

A garage sale fifteen years ago parted me from my cross country skiies and since then I really have not had a need for them, well that was up until now. La Ronge takes cross country skiing with a serious level of passion and the lit Nut Point park affords skiing all winter long day and night. But Nut Point is not the only ski area with long distance and over night groomed trails nearby and a lush depth of excellent snow La Ronge stands out as one of the best winter recreational spots in the whole province.

It looks like there is about eighteen inches of snow cover on the lake so while Judy was skiing, and I was walking the still air was regularly punctuated with the rasp of snow machines. Modern snow machines can cruise at speeds higher than legal highway speeds and early in my walk two zipped across the horizon at astonsihing speed while a little later two puttered up to me with a couple of dads taking their small children for a ride. They stopped and exchanged greetings then vanished into the wilderness.

I took me about forty-five minutes to walk around and out to the first set of islands where I did a full set of images to produce this QuickTime VR so that you could see what this wonderland is like. If the video clip above or the QuickTime VR do not appear you will have to download the latest version of QuickTime into your computer to see these two projects.

The QuickTime panorama virtual reality is an interactive image to look around simply put your cursor on the image and move left or right to view the entier 360º of the scene.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
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