Daybreak - At Wakaw

FTLComm - Wakaw - Sunday, October 21, 2001
Saturday morning and time for a road trip to Saskatoon. The darkness of the early morning hide the sky as we headed East from Tisdale to Melfort and it wasn't until West of Melfort that we could make out the early overcast morning sky.

Later later the sky in front of us began to turn to a dusting of crimson as the morning light was peircing through, little by little grew lighter. Then we were at Wakaw.

For over a week now it seems as though the massive clouds of migratory geese have left us behind for their winter trip but there above us heading South we could make out sold formation of Black Brandts pointing into the Southwest wind as they determinedly stuggled Southward.

A few minutes later we spotted first a few flights then a solid rash of birds to numerous to actually calculate their numbers as they milled over and on a field around a partly frozen pond.

But day break was upon us as a splendid flash as the sun shot through a break, then another as we worked our way through the hills toward Alvena the sun wash the countryside before we saw the first light snow squalls which looked like bits of fog ten minutes East of Saskatoon.