Sliding By

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 2, 2001

These winding spring days have brought with them a never ending variety of clouds, clouds that seem to prescious that they need to be recorded and shared with others. Each one or group catch the light and tell of mystery as they slide by.

Above at 6:30 the shadows point off to the East as the sun lights up the cumulus travellers above, yet see from the side (on the right) they seem far more fragile and the alto-stratus layer above is more noticeable.
The parade of events, be they clouds or the fleeting moments when a willow tree develops its fuzzy adornments seem part of a never ending flood of images which we are urged to accept as reality. It isn't reality at all it is our interpretation of what we see. When I look out and see a beautiful cloud that is my reality, when I share it with you it, for a moment becomes a kind of reality for you but each of us create our environment from what is there or what we think is there.