Images by: Matthew Shire

Winter Comes To Winnipeg

FTLComm - Winnipeg - Friday, November 30, 2001

First Alberta, then Saskatchewan, then Manitoba, the North American weather pattern sees most changes move sequentially from West to East. In Saskatchewan Sunday saw the arrival of winter which had moved into Alberta on Thursday but it was not until this morning that Winnipeg began to settle into the white season.

These pictures were taken just after 8:00 this morning with snow on the parking lots and cars and then at the corner of Ness and Moray lights reflect off the glazed street.

Winter sort of announces that this is it, there is no turning back, this snow is permanent, get used to it. In a city, out in the country, in a town or village winter changes the tempo of life. Everyone shifts their activity schedule, sets aside time for cleaning off the windshield, putting on the boots and mitts and we all add just a little time to get us to our destination as every thing takes just a little longer.

Matthew gives us a look out of his office window on the industrial neighbourhood just North of Portage Avenue and you can see, winter is more than white ground and gray sky. Winter is an attitude, defiant, determined and perhaps to some, depressing.