San Jose - Friday, September 28, 2001 - by: Kevin McIntyre
Editor's Note: An Air Canada Boeing 767 departed LAX for Toronto Thursday. Less than an hour into the flight an man of Iranian descent was found smoking in a washroom and engaged in a nasty argument with the flight attendent threatening and making unsuitable remarks about recent incidents in New York.

The pilot advised authorities and requested escort and the aircraft arrived back at LAX at 1:45 Los Angles' time. The man was taken into custody by the FBI after the aircraft was boarded by a heavily armed SWAT team. More than sixty passengers though shaken were detained for four hours before resuming their trip to Toronto.
On the local news last night they led with the story of the unruly passenger on an Air Canada plane that returned to LAX w/ F-16 escorts: the fighters took it right to the deck, SWAT teams entered the plane and removed the Iranian passenger who was "smokin' in the boys room" then told the stew where to go and how to get there. Not one word of it on CBC radio this morning, when the papers finally ran the story they said it was much ado about nothing. Right! That icky stuff happens elsewhere, Canadians are safe from it.

The one American Airlines jet from Boston to L.A. was the exact same route my wife's' father flew before he retired. A friend of mine in Saskatoon had nephew was on the one plane *the day before* that hit the WTC. My wife's daughter was over recently, her friend's girlfriend was on the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania. She is now dead.

From the Nipawin paper, Dr. Gales son lives and works within walking distance of the Pentagon: he heard it hit. Also from Nipawin, an Enns boy [I believe] had a friend say "lets go to N.Y., I'll pay your way" and off they went. His family didn't know he went, they were on their way to visit the WTC when the towers were hit.

From the Star Phoenix: two aerial applicators in Saskatchewan this summer where approached by Arab men looking for work. They claimed to be experienced pilots yet asked very elementary questions, what is the airplanes range, speed, what will it carry etc, the one who claimed "great pilot" status and was given the chance to taxi a plane, wasn't able to.

When Canada had peacekeeping troops in Somalia, the warlords wife was living in a condo in Toronto, on welfare. One CDN soldier was handcuffed to a pole under threat of execution, but the warlords wife was safe.
But hey, that stuff happens elsewhere, we don't need to worry.
Read Tom Clancy's book "The Sum Of All Fears", you know, the one about the suitcase sized nuclear bomb that is set off in the stadium during the Superbowl. Or, the second book after that where the terrorists cultivate the Ebola virus and send agents to America to unleash it around the country at trade shows and other events where large numbers of people gather then return to their home cities.
They had Captain Chance [his real name] on TalkBack Live on CNN Wednesday, he was ready to quit. In addition to his "we'll be flying at 35,000 feet, the temperature is..." speech he also is adding, "look over your fellow passengers, if they do something, hit them. Throw something at them: tackle them if need be. I'm busy flying the plane, and we're all in this together".
Yep. An Arab man causing a disturbance and cussing out the flight crew is much ado about nothing, and the Air Force has new orders: weapons hot, you know how to use them.
Kevin McIntyre

Books by Tom Clancy dealing with Terrorist events;

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