Crude and Rude Fuel Pricing

San Jose, CA - Saturday, June 9, 2001, - By: Kevin McIntyre
The price of crude isn't that high, there is no reason what so ever for current gas prices to be going up. You can track the world price of crude for several years here, not long ago it was only $15 USD per barrel. That is extremely low. Prices around Nipawin were not, and at the very same time Don Thompson hauled his 454 crew cab and 35' 5th wheel across Texas paying $.88 a gallon. That was18 months ago. Summer of 99 I paid under a buck for diesel everywhere but California and Canada. In Canada, $.60 a litre. [when I bought at the pumps of course, I ain't dumb]
Crude is $21 now, it was $27 last year: there is no reason aside from gouging it should be pushing past $.80 L this summer. Especially when they don't pay that in Alberta and Manitoba.
Buy stock in Esso, and KY lube: you be in for a screwing. I'd be asking those elected "why".
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