Jelly Fish

San Jose, California - Monday, June 10, 2002 - by: Kevin McIntyre




At Sandra's doctors appointment Wednesday, Marilyn, the office manager, [turns out she is his wife too] told her there was an "Appreciation dinner" for him Sunday night and we were invited. He isn't retiring, hasn't died, but it was a dinner to celebrate his life. Sounded good to us. We dressed up and headed out to the Loon Wah restaurant on De Anza Blvd. in Cupertino. Thank God for




The whole restaurant had been taken over, they had aneight piece Jazz band playing and Marilyn was handing out their Cd's. Even had Sammi there: Sammi is Dr. Waiton's "therapy dog". To be a therapy dog there is a long a strict criteria to conduct which I don't recall, but she is an extremely intelligent highly trained Sheltie who just ten days ago she herself underwent an emergency hysterectomy. We chose a table farthest away from the band: even there they play so loud we couldn't talk to the person next to us. And the food started coming.




I thought it was to be a thirty-three course dinner, Sandra thought it was sixteen. Whatever it was I lost count and paced myself rather well. Turns out the dinner was held as a combination 80th birthday party for him and a Thank You from one of his patients. He is a rehab / pain treatment specialist and the owner of the establishments estate footed the bill [can't win 'em all I guess...]. The food was to die for. Two-hundred fifty people did not go hungry I tell you.



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The tables were round, sat about ten each and had a carousel in the center. For three hours straight - as the band played on - they brought food, more food, and then some more food! I lost count but the number "sixteen" was far behind us. I made it all the way to the final plate. It was a fish, complete with eyes looking back at me, and the server slid a knife into it and the entire bone structure slipped out in one piece. Alas, not even room for Jell-O. Undescribable. I know I should have taken my camera but I wasn't sure I wanted to in a close crowd.




His story is, he got his start in the service with the Flying Tigers. Afterwards he flew for pleasure only, went through med school on the VA Bill. He's an Ostepathic Physican & Surgeon, Diplomate Physical Medicene & Rehabilitation, Board Certified Physiatrist, Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management and there is a plaque on his wall as a recipient of the Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons from the Nobel Society. He may be 80 years old, looks late 60's - he came there to dance and dance he did. He worked the entire room, gave everyone a hug and was still going strong when we left.




First round of food: bean curd, sliced chicken, sliced ham and fried cabbage. The cabbage had a unique texture. When my teeth first came into it it was slightly rubbery then had a crunch in the center. Cabbage? Nope - Jellyfish. Thats a first for me!


Kevin McIntyre