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Tisdale - Friday, March 28, 2003 - by: Kevin McIntyre
  We were in town yesterday and I really wasn't impressed. I sat at the curb on main as Sandra hit some stores.
  Those farm boys are totally lost when it comes to parallel parking. To a person they came in nose first and then it all went downhill.

It is only a few years ago that most of Tisdale's sidewalks downtown were completely replaced. But the drought caused the underlying clay to shrink and most buildings in the town stand above the descending areas around them.

Kevin is quite right about the poor condition of these walking, or in Kevin's case rolling area (Kevin is confined to a wheel chair)

Ne efforts were made during last summer to improve the poor condition of the sidewalks perhaps this summer they will get much needed attention.


I couldn't get out the van. Right at the curb the street rolls down at a sharp angel. I need my wheels nearly on the curb or else when my lift goes down I roll off it into the gutter. If I did park against the curb the van would be tilted over so much the lift wouldn't hit the sidewalk flat.

Speaking of sidewalks, I guess the town hasn't been sued yet? A dozen years ago there were SOME cracks in the sidewalks here. One person tripped and fell and went to town council. "I'll give you that one for free. If it happens again I'll sue your ass off". The town fixed the sidewalks. Tisdales are shameful.

You know the history on the mall right? "Melfort has one - we want one too!". The Mall was built and all merchants moved into it. Mainstreet became a ghost town, then the property owners went broke / the mall sharply increased rent. When the leases were up, store owners went back downtown. It really shows.

While this began to unfold Nipawin screamed they wanted a mall too. Cooler heads sat back to watch the Tisdale market. No one in Nipawin wants anything to do with a mall....

Extra Foods is an ok store, I think the one in Nipawin is bigger and better organized. Nipawin has by far a bigger Diabetic Suicide Center: the candy section there is alarmingly big, even without considering the Native trade. Then I went by the magazine shelf - I saw a book "Outsmart Diabetes". Oh I couldn't restrain myself - I picked that puppy up, went straight to the candy display and set it right on top those bins!!!
  It's been a long time since I actually got to look around, I really wasn't impressed.




Kevin McIntyre



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