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Melfort - Friday, April 11, 2003 - by: Kevin McIntyre

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Now that "The Game Is Over" a new wind appears to be blowing in Ottawa. Our fearless Prime Minister is congratulating the American President for a job well done. Before hand the unofficial but very widely publicized position was President Bush was a Moron and members of Chreteins inner circle were quoted as saying "I Hate That Bastard".




However, now the game is over, so quoteth the Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations. When questioned further he took particular note of stating he has no connection with Saddam Hussein. Well it never takes long for the rats to abandon ship does it - no matter what port that ship happens to be sinking in.




On the CBC News, noon edition this Wednesday appeared a talking head from their business division talking about the billions of dollars it would take to rebuild the infrastructure of Iraq and what part contractors from Canada would have in that. Now lets just sit back and evaluate this situation shall we?



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After defeating the Army of Iraq in 1991 and telling the good citizens of Iraq to rise up and overthrow their Dictator - "Don't worry, we'll be right there to support you!" - when the uprising did happen the promised support flat out never materialized. The insurrection was put down by the slaughter of untold numbers by their beloved leader. In the ensuing years a lot of things went on behind the scenes which we will never know about which climaxed in the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center. Not the AMERICAN Trade Center, the WORLD Trade Center. And where was Jean Chretein, Prime Minister of Canada? He was picking out a nice comfortable seat on the nearest fence. When he finally did find his way to Ground Zero - he made such an ass of himself he embarrassed the whole country.




Just like on his trip to China.




Which leads us into the action in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, think what you will about those actions. They're your opinions and for you they're right. But for the Prime Minister of a country and those around him to be on the record referring to our neighbor and largest trading partner as Morons and Bastards - after their country has taken a direct hit on their home soil - is the utmost in irresponsibility. As I read in this forum only a few days ago Canadian vehicles are being defaced in parking lots in Washington State, and serviced is being refused them in service stations in Texas. In a letter I wrote to Tim regarding that which he would not be able to publish due to its uh, direct language, that is the thin edge of the wedge.




In summary, one cousin is sales director for a company in British Columbia that relies on American sales for a good portion of its business. Recently he was in California at a trade fare and let's just say they aren't counting on that market anytime soon. Another cousins husband owns a custom harvesting operation that begins its run just north of theTexas Panhandle. Boy I bet he's looking forward to this seasons contracts to make the lease payments on his multi million dollar business investment. His father and another couple also winter in a trailer park in Texas [as did a person Tim interviewed for said earlier story]. I spoke with both of them recently, in my home and at a public gathering.
"We've been going to that park for nine years now. This year we were the only Canadians there and boy we weren't to popular".
Apparently they had so much fun in Texas - they left. For a third, a friend of mine is a long haul trucker. He called yesterday from North Dakota - on his way to Arkansas! YEEHAA.


In one interview I saw last week on Fox News that talking head said the only time France thought it was appropriate to go to war was when German Troops were sipping coffee in a bistro in downtown Paris and all the local girls were suddenly pregnant. Now they, France, want to assume the role as Leaders of Europe and guide the United Nations in the rebuilding of Iraq. Well folks, to the Victors Go The Spoils. And what can Canadian Contractors expect their role in the rebuilding of Iraq to be?








I wonder how well all the unionized workers in Ontario whose jobs depend on American Export are sleeping now???




For the record, my wife is an American. And she thinks George W. Bush is a moron. [As do I].




Kevin McIntyre



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