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Carrot River - Thursday, August 24, 2006 by: Kevin McIntyre

The Federal government is trying to kill us.

On the news again today they said of the rising rates of obesity and whatever can be causing it. The larger the urban centre, the lower the levels. The smaller the rural centre, the higher the levels. But it goes beyond the competition of women dressing for each other and rural farmers who run automated machines, yet still eat the big hearty meals. The Feds are out to get us!

Regulating the food industry is the domain of the Federal Government. For anyone who has cared to pay attention -- if one eats "diet" foods or drinks they gain weight. The artificial sweeteners suppress the Full Reflex and the subject simply consumes more. Further, I had read years ago simply consuming one soda a day will cause one to gain weight, no other changes. So why are *they* out for us?

Old Age Pension. The numbers simply prove out the Baby Boomers are going to wreak havoc with the pension funds and the younger generations do not have the population numbers to sustain the need. It is quite easy to see, be it Carrot River or Saskatoon: the youth of today are in serious trouble. Despite warnings of diabetes, coronary disease, or skeletal breakdown, they continue to grow in percentages of obesity. You see 30 year olds who can't ride a bicycle around the block. Twenty year olds who can't walk to the end of the block without gasping for breath - it's all part of a carefully crafted plan to kill them off so they don't access the Seniors Pension Plans.

They can get away with it. All those diseases are going to fall upon the shoulders of the Provincial Health Plans. That is their jurisdiction. The provinces will cry to Ottawa RE underfunding as they always do, Ottawa will hold news conferences and sound very concerned as they always do. Nothing will happen! There will be a spike in the death rates of morbid obiesity and the Federal Government will breath a collective sigh of relief that their budgets will not be critically impacted. Just blame it on the cravings of the fat guy. (but now we know, says the former fat guy. I lost 65 lbs and didn't even set out to do so.)

The reasons most given for the fast food lifestyle is the fast pace of todays society. Grab a burger, a bucket of chicken and you're done. Well not so fast. In the time you take standing in line or the drive through, tonight on the way home we ducked in the store and in three minutes bought a bag of salad mix, walked down the isle for {russet} potatoes, selected a bag of frozen mixed veggies and a tray of boneless skinless chicken breasts. AKA - dinner. [A steak or Tenderloin on the George is ready in the same 3~4 minute window] At home rip open the salad and dump it in a bowel, pour on your dressing - veggies and spuds in the microwave and the George is now ready for the chicken. Inside of ten minutes (and next time I'll time it) a good healthy meal is on the table.

In my mid 40's at 6'7" I'm 175 lbs according to the doctors scale two weeks ago. Not bad for a guy in a wheelchair. The wife? A year or two older and still at her bikini weight that she had in high school and she grew up in Southern California in the era before Aspertame. Road food? Subway and Subway only. Roasted chicken breasts with all the salad selection - a bit of oil. We split a 12" and never feel like we swallowed a rock. Just because they sell cookies it doesn't mean you have to buy them. My blood work two weeks ago and hers today are perfectly normal.

There is absolutely nothing in a can of Pepsi or a Snickers bar you need to sustain your life. Nothing. You don't need it. In two weeks time you won't miss it. Don't buy it! And for the love of God if you eat Kraft Dinner you should be put in a holding cell under suicide watch! That stuff nearly killed me and caused long term damage to my bowel. Upon marriage, my wife changed my diet, and lets no longer use the word "diet", my wife changed my eating style to the above guidelines and my health has improved dramatically.

Your Government wants to kill you - Fight The Power! :)


Kevin Mcintyre



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