Anna Nicole Smith and Methadone

Carrot River - Saturday, March 10, 2007 by: Kevin McIntyre

Editor's note: O.J. Simpson indicated this past week that he might be the father of the infant child of the late Anna Nicole Smith.

For OJ to say he may be the father of the child he either is having delusions of grandeur or is totally callous. Everyone, seeing an estate potentially upwards of 480Mil, is coming out of the woodwork. They are saying she was easy and they to had a slice of her. However the photographs of her clothed but in bed with the Minister of Immigration for the Bahamas shows that she'd use the assets to gain favors. Maybe when they did that movie ten years ago OJ was intimate with her but to say the child may be his because he has slow moving sperm, the man is a blathering idiot who doesn't know to keep his mouth shut.

The whole thing has degraded into a spectacle of disgusting proportions. The child likely belongs to Howard K. Stern and a DNA test should be done to prove it once and for all. Thoughts of Little Gloria Vanderbilt come to mind of how she was fought over simply because of her estate. Whoever winds up with the child should "go to ground" and tell the media her life is a private matter not to be played out in the press.

Anna Nicole lived in the spot light at her own choosing and not to her betterment. We watched a couple of episodes of her reality show and were disgusted. A model who let herself go, drugged out and slurring her words surrounded by hangers on who loved life in The Big House with staff for the staff, being them, and getting paid for it. As Dr Phil said, through it all no one cared enough to throw her over their shoulder and get her to a hospital. I had to do that a month ago on my wife, had to get "muscle" in to tell her she walks out to the van on her own or else - and you don't get a whole lot of thanks for it. However it had to be done.

Anna Nicole went from a 36A chest to 42DD with implants. Without them would she have ever hit the national radar? Aside from a photo shoot in Playboy and giving a lap dance to a very elderly and very rich man exactly what is she famous for? A lot of women do tasteful presentations in Playboy and get along with their lives, privately. With her reality show she left a very bad memorial for her infant child. Seeing the actions of her mother and how she showed her true hand at the grave side, no wonder she was estranged for a decade. To go from a ceremonial shovel full of dirt to digging in like a bull dog to make sure she was planted deep enough, sometimes you just need to turn on the lights to watch the rats scurry.

Methadone killed her son and likely killed her. Being intimately familiar with that, and to be clear google Methadone Pain Relief you will find it is a drug that predated the heroin craze by several decades and is known as the pain reliever of last resort. Its used on pain that morphine can not even begin to touch and is highly regulated. The protocols for it are far more rigid than morphine and one side effect is a respitory inhibitor. Introduction to the drug is very gradual and if abused can kill, something we nearly found out last spring. So how do you get on it? It isn't easy, and in Canada only by being a chronic pain patient. Being driven over by a car will do it, or developing Lupus from breast implants. Big breasts sell but that road to achieve them by unnatural means is littered by some tragic horror stories. I guess we can't all be leg men.

If you are in pain your body can absorb a tremendous amount of morphine or methadone and you will not get "high". If no pain is present, the recreational user will get the high they seek. Methadone, used by the uninformed and un regulated person, will kill you same as a Hot Shot of heroin will. That is likely what took down her son and since it was widely reported she had viral pneumonia, it likely got her too. The whole case has been a feeding frenzy for the media, the principles have clearly behaved not in her best interest and will unfortunately continue to feed the tabloids. The lights have been turned on, the rats are showing their true colors.


Kevin Mcintyre



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