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Neil Young in concert

Saskatoon - Wednesday, April 22, 2009 by: Kevin McIntyre

The show started late, we were by the stairs and we had quite the conversations with the usher. His dad went to school with Neil's dad in Flin Flon, where "Ross" grew up. I said "Really, how old are You?"

"...60...Hmm, did you know [inserts cousins <ex> wife name here]?" He paused, "Her mother Ivy had the concession out by the lake?"

Small world...

The Industry is not happy with the selling of the AC/DC tickets. Ten minutes after they went on sale the servers went down, 20 minutes later they came back up and Tickets Now had the whole damn works for double and triple the price, and that leaves the event staff dealing with very unhappy fans. He had heard~ Mosaic Stadium will not mail out the tickets. Show up at the box office early and bring photo ID. If it doesn't match the name on the ticket, to bad so sad. You don't get your $1000 book mark.

Anyway -

Everast came on and tried hard, did all the head banging moves but it was like the party in the apartment next door: music was loud, you didn't know the songs and you couldn't make them out either. Soon you realized they were just going to be keeping you awake. They finished, the roadies moved some equipment and one roadie came out, or it was some guy who'd been roofing all day - picked up a guitar and brought the house down.

Jim Croce t-shirt under a flannel shirt, favorite jeans and lace up Kodiaks. He delivered the goods, but the base was overdriven and the vocals were washed out. Plus he had a blown speaker. About four songs in he said "Am I dressed good enough, do I talk to much - not enough?" and in the time it would take a homeless guy to try to convert you before the light turned green he was onto the next song.

Intermission he said something about his first visit to the city and the view from his hotel to the train station, but even that was washed. The acoustics on the instruments were perfect and on the final song an engineer discovered if he pushed THIS button the lighting went from basic spots to rotating and flashing spotlights! Final song...

The audio was terrible, the concert was good. It never fails to amaze me people who'll drop over a hundred dollars on a ticket, stand against the back wall and drink beer and run their bloody mouth with their buddies all night and never listen to a single song. And don't forget the chick fight in the lobby. Ross turned and looked and said "I'm not getting involved in that".

Then they broke down the set, packed the trucks and did it all over again tonight in Kelowna [Wednesday night - 18 hour drive???]

Sandra opened her purse this morning and a Neil Young hat was in it!!! Who wants to wrestle me for it?


Kevin Mcintyre



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