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FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, January 13, 2006

Whenever we consider anything the ultimate and most important determining factor is location. It is the nature of this vast country, Canada is a truly big place and its diversity pre-determines so much of what the actions of a national government might have upon the places and the people who live in those places. As I was driving along this afternoon


soaking up the beauty of the sunlight. I know its only a little sunlight, nothing to get really excited about but that is not really true. This is the first we have seen the sun since early December and it is a marvel. So as I was driving along the thought crossed my mind that if our perceptions change does the reality we perceive also change?

So the absence of sunlight makes us more aware of the beauty around us what


other realities that affect the way we understand the whole concept of government and the appropriation of power between the national government and the provincial ones.

Though the politicians, Paul Martin, Steven Harper and Jack Layton have identified a host of issues that they think might bring voters to support their party the biggest and most compelling fundamental factor facing Canadians is that of location.



with the scandal that was created by the Liberal government's goofy response to the Quebec referendum the Bloc has moved to dominate the federal scene in that province and made it impossible for Canada to have national political parties and national issues. All the Bloc MPs are concerned about is Quebec.

Once this concept is grasped we begin to


understand the reason for Mulroney's popularity, he had been able to bring prominent Separatists into this party. Since then no Canadian party can expect Quebec support.

With is decidedly unpopular mind set Steven Harper realised that Ontario voters were not interested in the knee jerk politics of Christian fundamentalists from Alberta. His response was to adopt what was close to his heart before he entered Federal politics and that


was Alberta Separatism and now as leader of a party attempting to gain control of the country he has set forth the principle of provincial rights over the importance of a national government.

Do you see the frost and realise how it changes the way things look. Are they really different or do they just look different?

Separatism and greater powers for the provinces may be two different



things but they might indeed be one in the same thing to voters in Alberta and Quebec.

A strong central government was what John A. MacDonald and his fellow country builders realised was the only way to deal with attempting to live peacefully alongside a country which is clearly imperialistic and describes itself as "manifest destiny."

A country like Germany with almost autonomous



local governments is over all a push over for something like the United States of America. Steven Harper advocates stronger provincial powers and a weak federal government. Such a policy will keep his support in Alberta and gain support or an alliance with Quebec.

Are we in trouble? We are in spades and we have the Liberal party who screwed up in Quebec to thank for it and a current prime minister who is unable to get loyalty within his party as he has excluded or banished those who's views are needed in this country (Shiela Copps and Carolyn Parrish). His failure to unite the party led some rascal in his office or another department to torpedo the work of his finance minister just as the election campaign began.

Jack Layton sees the world through his success as a cosmopolitan city politician from the most hated city in the country, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and remember everyone, location is everything.

I believe in Canada as a country which automatically means I can not support or vote for anyone who supports the view of this country that Alberta separatist Steven Harper has and is touting as provincial rights.

I condemn the the Liberals for misdeeds and their leader for his massive failure to do what he says. Be it policy, promise or promotions, democracy deficit, daycare, or reduced taxation. He lacks credibility but he does support the financial success of the country and perhaps that alone makes it necessary to vote Liberal.

The NDP are a nice bunch of folks, I like good people with good intentions but this is the real world and this time in some ridings it would be a good time to vote for good people but if it puts Steven Harper in the role as Prime Minister with a small majority even if depending upon Bloc country busters then think again, think again very hard.

The real issue in this election is frost and how it makes things look different, this is a very big country and if you want to be an American it should be that you should have to move to North Dakota not have your country transformed by separatists.




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