Greg Arason former head of Manitoba Wheat Pool now CEO of the CAnadian Wheat Board

Salary for the CEO of the CWB

Leduc Alberta, Friday February 2, 2007, by : Vern Bretin

Mr. Chuck Strahl, Agriculture Minister, had Mr. Measner the CEO of the Canadian Wheat Board sacked, and presented Mr. Greg Arason as a replacement. Mr. Strahl's committment was to have Mr. Arason receive $30,000. salary per month with a 90 day term--or 360,000./year. While Mr. Measoner's annual earnings were $286,166., one might wonder why Mr. Strahl would suggest that an unproven incumbent be paid some 75,000./year more than the experienced, responsible, Measoner.

It is the responsibility of the board members of the CWB to set the earnings of their CEO, and they are currently deliberating on how to handle the situation imposed upon them by Mr. Strahl.

Options available to them are to accept Mr. Arason as the CEO for 90 days, being paid by the federal government, and have the CWB authorize a $l.00/month bonus payment for the three month period. This three month period could allow the board to evaluate Mr. Aranson's performance on the benefits he can provide farmers selling through the CWB. If the board members see merit in having Mr. Arason continue as the CEO, it is they who will decide his earnings rate and payout at a future severance date---it is to be hoped that no more than one month salary per year of service, and an annual rate lower than that paid Mr. Measner.

The Harper/Strahl tactics to break up the farmers' monopoly marketing agency is in line with the push of the U.S. administration to have all "state operated" marketing agencies disbanded so that the mainly U.S. multi-national corporations can increase their control of all agricultural producers in the world.

It is to be hoped that, Canadian barley and wheat growers will be aware of the consequences of their upcoming votes and vote responsibly for today and for future generations.


Vern Bretin

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