Boeing CC-177, one in Afghanistan, two ground for maintenance and one broke down in Burma (Boeing photograph)
Making us look like fools
Regina - Monday, May 26, 2008 by: Tom Brewer

The “holier than thou” Harper MP’s have got their hands full. I can’t wait to hear them trying to worm their way out of this almost $1 million mistake..

Unbelievable, we have four new aircraft and not one is available to move needed supplies to areas ravaged by disaster. We would have to dismantle needed helicopters, something not recommended even if one were available.

I can’t wait to hear government members try to weasel their way out of this mess. I’m sure somewhere in this mess either the Liberals, NDP or Bloc has a finger in what took place!

Laughable, not really. We are an embarrassment to the World. We still had to rent/ lease a Russian plane to move what is needed.

I have to wonder what the Minister was thinking about or was he even thinking when he made the offer? Perhaps he had other matters on his mind… who knows.

At any rate we look like idiots to the World. Thanks Mr. Harper, we asked you to lead Canada not make us look like fools.

Tom Brewer

Smith Roger, and CTV News staff, Canada pledges $12 million more in aid for Burma, May 23, 2008, CTV News


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