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More government than needed
Regina - Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by: Tom Brewer

I can't believe it! Pierre Trudeau took the government out of our bedrooms, now however, it seems the government today wants to know, far more than it needs to know.

Here is the scene people… do it in little spurts. You take something little away today, another one tomorrow and holy cow after a period of time, we loose more than what we bargained for.

To whose benefit is it, when Health Canada pulls something that people have been using with no problems off the market? Is it our health, or the pocket book of a pharmaceutical company, that would rather have their medications prescribed? Proof! One needs to mastermind proof in order to pass muster here. Herbal products are helping thousands, yet now Health Canada wants in on the action.

As well, there’s a secretly negotiated treaty coming to give border guards the right to search IPods and the like, for so-called pirated music. All this, is the government going too far?

It’s time to yank our government’s chain, reign them in and tell them who is the boss.

I am afraid, if we allow this to continue, things will be much worse and harder to turn back.

Harper’s smiling face bothers me. In my opinion, his smile makes me shiver wondering what devious things he has next in mind. Is it time to fire him?

Tom Brewer

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