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Canadian Forces Technical Capability in Danger
Victoria B.C. - Thursday, Marcvh 13, 2008 by: Mike Coleman

The proposed purchase by a U.S. firm of Canada's largest space company, and with it a $524-million high-tech satellite built mainly with taxpayers' money, is being challenged by a growing number of scientists and engineers

I would prefer that the sale not to go through, I do worry about our ability to keep an eye on the North West passage. If Mr. Harper really cares about protecting our rights up north, he would stop the sale. Even though the US is our friend, I do not trust them when it comes to our North West Passage. (United States claims the passage is international waters and not part of Canada)

We need a strong, smart and well equipped army, navy, and air force with the highest level of technical capability.

Should the sale be approved "Under the deal, Alliant would receive ownership of the $524- million Radarsat-2, the Canadarm robot arm technology, and a wide variety of other space systems." Alliant being subject to American law "Canada will lose access to technology that has been developed by Canadians in Canada for the benefit of Canada." (*)

I encourage all to do as I've done: e-mail, write or phone their Member of Parliaments's constituency office and say "Please don?t sell our MDA".

Mike Coleman

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