Wajid Khan, former Liberal now Conservative member for Mississauga-Streetsville

For some "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing"

Mississauga, Ontario , Thursday, February 7, 2008, by : Peter Creighton

The Conservative Party has welcomed Wajid Khan back into its Caucas. Over $31,000 more than was allowed was spent on his campaign, 40% more than the Canada Election Act allows. As well his personal expenses were not approved by his Official Agent as the Elections Act demands but were paid for by his car dealership.

Khan was brought before a judge charged with these illegal actions by Elections Canada which could have resulted in a fine of $5 000 and five years in jail. (1)

The penalty for his actions was a $500 fine which in Khan's words "reflects the minor nature of the matter" (2)

Khan considers that over spending by an amount like that could have been unknowingly done, a minor matter. The Prime Minister and his new government agree for otherwise rather than taking him back immediately into their caucus an appeal would have been considered to maintain the effectiveness of the Elections Act.

A $500.00 fine for overspending by 40%, acceptance that this could be done without willfully doing so, makes the terms of the Elections Act meaningless. The precedent has now been set. "Khan got a $500.00 fine for 40% above the legal limit, if we spend 20% extra, $250.00 is all well have to pay" is certain to enter into others' minds.

For some as long as you win, the means you employ to do so are of secondary importance. The motto lived by is "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing."

Frankly, it isn't surprising Khan was accepted back into the Conservative Caucus many members of which are facing charges of having laundered advertising dollars through their local campaigns for the National Campaign in the election two years ago. This is the monaker that the Conservatives have givin themselves, accepting Khan back into there caucas reveals the true nature of the Conservative Party.

Its no wonder that Mr. Hill was happy to invite Mr. Khan back into caucus for as Stephen Harper himself said in January of 2007 both he and Khan play politics the same way. The question is can Canadians afford their kind of politics?


Peter Creighton


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