CWB e-mail: Civil servant suspended for e-mail

Edmonton Alberta, Monday April 9, 2007, by : William Dascavich

I was appalled reading the story about an Alberta government employee who sent a derogatory e-mail to a pro-Canadian Wheat Board website. The employee is obviously ignorant of the history and function of the Canadian Wheat Board and was merely unwittingly reflecting the right wing ideology of her employers.

I am now a retired farmer, but throughout the years I was grateful to have had the benefit of the CWB bargaining collectively on my behalf for the best possible price in a competitive world grain market. As an individual grain farmer, I would have been at the mercy of private international grain merchants in much the same way as my father was during the “
dirty thirties.

Of course bargaining collectively is anathema to the private corporate sector. It impedes the maximization of their profits. That is why they fund right wing parties that ensure legislation furthers their interests. In their attack on the CWB, right wing governments, together with the private grain trade and their lackeys, are using cliches like “freedom” and “choice” and ambiguous questions on ballots designed to produce the results they want.

Once the CWB is dismantled, under the terms of Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), it will not be possible to reinstate it. Any attempt to do so can be challenged by the private grain trade. They can sue the Canadian Government for “Loss of anticipated profits.” This could run into millions of dollars. Dollars that, thanks to the CWB, are currently benefitting western Canadian farmers and the economy of the prairie provinces.


William Dascavich


McLean, Archie, Civil servant suspended for e-mail, April 4, 2007, Edmonton Journal

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