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The Honourable choice

Victoria, BC, Wednesday, February 8, 2006, by : Casper Davis
Some argue the distinction between Belinda Stronach's defection and David Emerson's IA that Ms. Stronach was an incompetent bimbo crossing the floor in order to get a cabinet seat, while David Emerson was a well qualified public servant crossing the floor to serve the public better.


The actual distinction is that Belinda Stronach ran and was elected as a Progressive Conservative, barely edging out the Liberal candidate in her riding. She tried for many months to work in the regressive Conservative party and found, when forced to confront the prospect, that she could not stomach the idea of a government composed of her Conservative colleagues. She changed sides on a matter of principle.

Mr. Emerson, on the other hand ran as a Liberal in a historically NDP riding, where less than 20% voted Conservative in the last election. He ran on the promise to provide strong and effective opposition to the socially repugnant Conservatives. Yet he had hardly been sworn in before he jumped to the party that he had been denouncing during the campaign, and even on election night.

The best possible light that can be put on Mr. Emerson's defection is that he considers himself so important that Canada must not be deprived of his wisdom in cabinet.

It is certain that many people who voted for Mr. Emerson did so because they felt he was the best hope for defeating the Conservatives. It is highly unlikely that he would have won had he been running as a Conservative.

If Mr. Emerson really had a conversion on the road to Ottawa, he has no honourable choice other than to resign and run again in a by election.


Casper Davis

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