Harper's gambit to obtain his majority government

Victoria, B.C., Tuesday, December 9, 2008, by : John Dowson
Stephen Harper has hood winked all the media and all of Canada, especially the opposition. It's not about saving his government, or saving the Prime Minister's job, it's about getting a majority government. To do that he needs an election engineered to appear the opposition created it.

You may find this hard to believe but the Prime Minister has engineered this. He has the opposition parties in a box right where he wants them. What's the end game,,,, an election, one he'll easily win with a majority.

If you're a political wonk it's a fantastic gambit, one no one would dream of making except someone who has used it before and won.

Never mind Quebec its irrelevant, he tried to get his majority from Quebec and it didn't work. The seats are in BC, Saskatchewan, rural Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Just look at all the seats where the Conservatives came in a close second. Stephen Harper doesn't make a move unless he knows what his next five moves are. Look at his track record with Preston Manning, The Alliance and the PC Party.

Mark my words there will be an election in February because the Governor General will give it to him. I'd venture that the only person on the planet knowing why he did this and what his next moves are himself. He'd never share this with anyone.

The mantra " the coalition wants to take over the government without your say, without your consent and without your vote". The rallying cry is "it's undemocratic you have to let the people decide"

The election campaign has already begun, It's going to be a three month campaign not a six week campaign. Watch for those ads saying in effect " we want an election, it's the peoples right" etc.


John Dowson


Dowson, John, Executive Director, LifeTRUST Planning


Dowson, John, Local Matters, June 4, 2007, LifeTRUST Planning web site

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