Consider should he have a majority

Victoria, B.C., Friday, February 16, 2007, by : Eugene Parks

In their attacks ad, TV Vente, the Conservative Party of Canada is continuing to imply Ralph Goodale is implicated in a crime - even after the RCMP dropped its investigation against him that was erroneously launched during the last election campaign and that has resulted in charges against an unrelated party.

Unrestrained in their attacks they are saying what they want - including proverbially hanging an innocent man. This whilst their Leader, the Prime Minister brazenly proclaims he is rigging the judiciary to get court rulings that he wants .

People who will say anything will eventually do anything. Presently restrained by having only a minority in the House of Commons, consider what Mr. Harper might do should he have a majority…


Eugene Parks

CBC News, Sorry the hardest word for PM, Goodale, (pdf) February 16, 2007, CBC News

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