Why China and India laugh at Stephen Harper's climate targets

Victoria, B.C., Friday, December 14, 2007, by : Eugene Parks

Canada has recently lectured India and China several times to clean up their environmental climate record. However, Canada has the worst relative energy-efficiency record of our G8 partners and is dramatically less efficient than our European Allies. Canada is number eight in the world in absolute total greenhouse gas emissions.

Those facts create a problem with for us at the Bali climate conference. The meeting is about an absolute total worldwide cap in greenhouse gas emissions. In absolute terms our friends in the G8 produce more emissions than the rest of the world combined. The bulk of the worldwide emissions problem is principally from eight countries, including us. Therefore the solution must start with us. We are in no position to lecture others unless we act.

In contrast, Mr. Harper is calling for absolute ?intensity? targets, which would allow countries to emit more so long as they are efficient at it. We are embarrassed enough by being a major emitter but additionally, Mr. Harper is stating in front of the world that Canada?s position is that we should be allowed to emit more so long as we are efficient. Mr. Harper is offering an excuse for his policies that will make the climate situation worse. He is not willing to show real leadership.

The world sees right through Mr. Harper?s hypocrisy. His duplicitous drenched arguments are embarrassing Canada.


Eugene Parks


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