Canadian sovereignty

Brampton, Ontario , Monday, September 15, 2008, by : Wayne Pietz

Stephen Harper is attempting to portray himself as a great protector of Canadian sovereignty, meanwhile his government is secretly negotiating away our sovereignty under the various Security and Prosperity Partnership (S.P.P.) negotiations that are taking place.

One of the most egregious of these negotiations is the plan to have a single North American currency. Former President Vicente Fox of Mexico disclosed this information. The name planned for the currency is the " Amero". Information can be found on the internet.

The above is just an example of what is going on. Serious things are being secretly negotiated without the knowledge of and input from Canadians other than those from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives meeting with their counterparts from the U.S. and Mexico on the Canadian members of the North American Competitiveness Council.

This process was started under the previous Liberal government but the Conservatives have continued on with it Prime Minister Harper hosting a meeting in Montebello and attending one in New Orleans earlier this year.

None of the parties have adopted an aggressive campaign to have disclosed what is being discussed. During this election those attending local all party meetings can press candidates for a commitment to open the process and have the costs to taxpayers known, and, ultimately to hold a referendum before entering agreements.


Wayne Pietz

Fox, Vicente, You Tube video clip of Fox discussing North American Union with Larry King of CNN October 9, 2007, YouTube
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