Women in politics
Masstown, Nova Scotia - Wednesday, December 10, 2008 by: Don Wilson

Until these past ten days it was unusual to see women writing in the " comments " section under regional and national mmedia print and online political stories. That has changed, and we see some thoughtful comments from women in among mostly male comments .

I say thank goodness . It's about time that women spoke up - after all they are about 50% of eligible voters.

Nellie would be proud that you are accepting the hard fought for right to vote and be heard.

Many women have jobs that will be affected by a government that doesn't understand the role it has to play in helping to maintain jobs. They have husbands, sons, fathers, family that will be affected by a heartless or heedless Federal government. They have pension plans that have been negatively affected by government actions ( think the cancellation of energy trusts ), and by government inaction ( think about government letting financial institutions sell packages of near worthless U S mortgages ).

Apparently, women are tired of a government that puts grasping power ahead of actually governing .

They have seen the reduction in funding for women's groups and they saw the flawed attempt by the Harper government to cut off election funding. They don't want to go back to hearing about "cash in brown bag " financing. Who can disagree?

Too many women stayed away from the polls this last October election - I don't expect that to happen in those numbers next election as women realize they can make a difference. Too many husbands and other male relatives also stayed away last election - I expect that women will talk about that to them before the next election.

Get involved Ladies - you can make a difference.

Don Wilson
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