Afghanistan poised to invade Canada

Grimshaw, Alberta , Friday, November 16, 2007, by : Ray Strachan

In reading over Mario deSantis' "The policy of a US strong dollar is the policy of unbridled greed" it is gratifying to see in print from Canada and especially from Saskatchewan, someone who has the ability to see, and able to express what it is that they see.

When you are on the other side of greed, it is sometimes hard to get people to agree with you.

I heard these figures just a day or so ago, the United States is spends millions of dollars per second in Iraq and Canada spends millions per minute in Afghanastan. I don't know if these figures are correct or not, but what I do know is there is too much money spent on killing for ideological reasons, which can be translated to greed.   

I would ask. Who in Canada lays awake at night worrying about Iraq invading us?  Who spends sleepless nights fearful that Afghanastan would invade us?

What a horribly fictcious picture we have been painted by the war mongers.

Most people who watch things as business news and with that source often being from the United States, the words "Federal Reserve Bank" keeps coming up. That is the bank, or banks that control interest rates and manipulate the money supply. The name "Federal Reserve" would indicate that it was owned by whom?, Well it is owned by a consortium of private banks. Find out about what happened, and who took over that system many years ago. Don't take my word for it. Total Greed.

Now about Saskatchewan, my home and native province.1944, At 12 years old I went to provincial candidates meetings with my Grandmother. I heard from the Liberals and Conservatives the terrible things that are going to happen if the Tommy Douglas Government is elected. We would lose our private property, our newspapers, our radio stations. I was a scared kid. He was elected, none of that happened. We got a medicare system, they started balancing the province's books. Bad very bad?

But people needed change every now and then. This last election is when I start questioning ,why the change now? The most right wing, hawkish, privitisation party ever (Who say, no we never meant anything that we ever said before).People, what was the beef, sorry I just don't understand. I must have been out of touch, I thought things were going pretty well for Saskatchewan.

No I haven't grown horns and a long tail and carrying a pitchfork.

Ray Strachan
in exile in Alberta


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