Facing the future

Ottawa. - Thursday, December 11, 2008 - by: Michael Ignatieff

In the past two weeks, Canadians have witnessed a remarkable series of events on the national stage. In difficult economic times, and with a parliamentary crisis at hand, the Liberal Party has responded quickly to changing circumstances to offer stability and leadership to Canadians. I’m honoured to be Leader of the Liberal Party.

Congratulations to Bob and Dominic on their candidacies, their commitment to the Party, and their dedication to public service.

We share a common commitment to renew and unite our Party. Starting right now, and in the weeks and months ahead, Liberals will work together to rebuild our Party and prepare for its future.

As I said during yesterday’s press conference:

“I’m not looking for a road to 24 Sussex. I'm looking for a road that takes us out of crisis towards a stable, responsible government with the national interest in mind. Mr. Harper has to understand the extent and depth of the anger -- the justified and righteous anger among the opposition parties at the way we've been treated in this Parliament. He seems to misunderstand the very nature of Parliamentary government, and he better start understanding quickly.”

We have a lot of work ahead of us and we need to start right away. I am asking for your help because I can’t do this alone. I need your ideas, I need you to volunteer, and I need your donation to make our work over the coming months possible. Let’s make sure that person by person, riding by riding, we renew the Party and bring Canada back.





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