image of D. Aid Qarni extracted from a very short video of him making a speech in Arabic
Goodbye Bush
Saudi Arabia, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by: D. Aid Qarni
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Aid al-Qarnee
Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Aaid al Qarni is infamous for being a member of the Saudi mukhabarat or intelligence, and is known to interrogate the imprisoned Mujahideen. He is the one who appeared as the presenter on Saudi Television to hassel and question the three Shuyookh: Ali al Khudyr, Nasir al Fahd, Shaykh al 'Ulwan, on air. Furthermore, he appears quite often on Arabic satellite channels to call for walaa(alliance) and support to the Taghout in Arabia, and is also infamous for an article in a Saudi newspaper in which he called the American child as bright for toppling the Taliban government in Afghanistan, whose toppling according to him was a bounty from Allah[swt]. Scholars such as him are praised by the Apostate regimes.